Blend IT ! Teach IT!

is about integrating IT in your classroom, and your every day teaching activities as well as classroom management.

Here you will find advice, examples and get an insight of experiences of ways to integrate games, technologies, and fun in your classroom.

Blend IT! Teach IT is an initiative from an IT Teacher based in Geneva, Switzerland. It’s title refers to the term of “Blended learning” but from a teacher perspective.

The “team”


“Working as an IT teacher at the IT Professional School of Lancy, I recently graduated from a Master of Science in Learning and Teaching Technologies at the University of Geneva. After a 10 years career in the IT sector where I started as a developer and ended up as a Business Analyst and lately UX Designer, I decided to re-orient my career towards education. Using my IT skills combined with my user experience awareness and teaching experience, I am eager to change the education world by integrating technology in it!”

Jasmina Travnjak