Teaching GIT from scratch

After a more or less chaotic experience in a previous semester course (see my blog about SCRUM), where I tried to “teach” SCRUM, GIT and CSharp in a same course, I realized that it wasn’t the best mix I could imagine.

Since a new course is starting this semester with a new class, and the subject is Project Workshop, I decided to introduce GIT first, then Scrum and then we’ll see.

I learned from my last experience that GIT is very complicated for students at this stage, so, I imagined a step by step experience. The idea is based on one of my teacher fellow’s mini-course.

The idea is to prepare a set of exercices, that the students have to realize in groups of two in order to discover the concepts of version control.


The exercice is very simple, they have to create a mini website using GitHub and GitExtensions to manage their code.

In order to do it, I give them oral instructions, which are completed by small videos that they can watch at their pace.

The videos are available on my YouTube Channel, and are less than 2 minutes long.

We’re starting next week! I’ll keep you in touch. In the meantime, here is the first video :