Learning from videos

It’s been a while! I was pretty busy this year, but here are some brief news.  I got a new course : 40 lessons to teach my student how to access a MySQL DB from PHP using PDO. 40 lessons is very very short! When you have 14 students, all having different levels of understanding PHP, SQL, not knowing what is a function, what is a connection string, what is a query, or even what is an associative table. OUF!

So I tried it for one trimester with one classroom, I thought we could do this easily, like I show something on my computer and then, they do something similar on theirs. Some of the students had no problems doing this, searching PHP Manual to see how things work etc. But others were stuck with some small issues, like their inputs not showing in $_POST, just because they forgot to put a name in the html input tag…

So when I realized that I would have to do it again with 3 classes, I decided I had to change the way they learn. I created a tutorial, with Google Docs, published all the chapters on a Google Classrom, and said to my students : ok you have these 11 chapters to cover, you have 40 periods. If there’s something new in a chapter, a video is available on my YouTube Channel, you watch the video and you develop a CRUD from scratch.

I created the videos, they’re on my YouTube Channel !

And I also created a mini-portfolio for my students, so I can follow their work, ask questions live and check who’s stuck or who’s work is in progress. The portfolio is created with Google Sheets, and projected to the classroom. Very useful to make everybody know where they are and what is still left to get the job done! The live effect of Google is incredibly appropriate for this kind of pedagogy! I can react to any student comment and give a personal feedback, I can see if they did the corrections I asked for, and I can just sit near them and help when needed.

Student's portfolio

Student’s portfolio


Portfolio overview

Portfolio overview