Lesson 1 : Discover Agile Methodologies and SCRUM Concepts

For this first lesson I prepared 15 flashcards with one Scrum concept written on each (sprint, planning poker, product owner, scrum master, user story, etc.).
During the course I made a brief introduction to SCRUM, then attributed one card to each student and let them one hour to search the concept written on their card on the Internet. The purpose of the research was to prepare a small presentation (5 min) for the classroom in order to discuss the concept all together with teacher’s support.
The students were eager to learn what was the meaning of their card, the terminology being very abstract for someone hearing about scrum for the first time. They spent 1 hour totally absorbed by their task.
Then, each student presented their findings and answered classroom questions. I defined the presentation order of each concept, which allowed them to add a jigsaw to their puzzle and get the big picture of the scrum methodology at the end.
This first lesson was a success. The students understood the SCRUM process, the SCRUM ceremonies, the SCRUM roles, and aquired the new terminology needed to start working in a new manner.
Next episode in one week !