Lesson 3 : SCRUM, Sprint 0

For this third lesson with my 14 students, we kept the same groups as for the Aiplane Factory done the week before. (see last article)

So, 3 groups of young Scrum beginners :

  •  2 groups of 5 
  • 1 group of 4 people. 
Every group has a Product Owner and a Scrum Master, and of course a Dev. Team.
Being in a school environment, the PO and the SM are also developers since their Scrum roles aren’t enough to have a fulltime occupation.
So for this 5 period lesson, we decided to have a Sprint 0. The groups chose a project that they already developped in their Delphi course. I wanted them to choose something that they already did before, so that the “Functional specs” are clear enough. The aim being to recreate the same project using C#.Net and working with SCRUM.
For the Sprint 0, I gave the following instructions to the different groups and to the different roles :

Product Owners 

  • Write user stories / epics for their project and try to make them the smallest possible.
  • Give a priority to the stories by setting a Business Value from 100 to 2100 to them
  • Once the stories are ready, start the Sprint Planning. The PO is responsible to explain the stories to the team.

Scrum Masters 

  • Prepare an Excel Spreadsheet that will allow them to follow the project, know which story is asigned to which developer, prepare a working Burndown Chart and test their Excel Spreadsheet with some fake values
  • Prepare the physical board where the post-its corresponding to the sprint stories will be presented and where the stand up will take place


  • Learn what is GIT by following some tutorials on the web
  • Prepare a .NET solution for the future project
  • Prepare a GIT Repository for team work
  • Take a CSharp tutorial in order to get to know this programming language
Once everybody was ready, I explained that we will start the Sprint Planning. Every team had to do its own Scrum Poker.
In order to avoid buying Scrum Poker Cards, every student downloaded an App for their phones which allowed them to play the Scrum Poker and plan the sprint.

  • Android phones : Scrum Poker App
  • Apple phones : Scrum Time App
  • *No one had a Windows Phone, ouf! I didn’t even check if there is an app or not 😀
At the end of the afternoon every team engaged for a certain number of story points to realize during Sprint 1.
And here are the dashboards, ready for Sprint 1!!!!!

See you next week for Sprint 1!