Lesson 4 : SCRUM, Sprint 1 – a hard beginning

After a few successfull lessons, we finally initialized the first sprint, starting with our first standup for the 3 teams.
First stand-ups
The stand up went pretty well, but once the sprint started, I totally lost control of the groups.
  • Some groups had problems with their GIT project, merges went wrong, they lost some work, couldn’t cherry pick it.
  • Some groups didn’t understand that the whole point of scrum is to do things as defined in stories. So they continued working as “before” : first we create the whole interface, then we will do the code behind the buttons, even if there is no story in our sprint for the whole interface.
While I was repairing the GIT issues of one of the groups, the third group finished the sprint, had a retrospective, planned a new sprint, and then I realized that they didn’t even do a sprint review.
In short, everything went kind of wrong! I couldn’t follow the 3 groups at the same time and I couldn’t help them with everything they needed.
When we started, we already knew that the 3 projects were too small to work have many sprints, but we wanted to experiment SCRUM anyway and maybe then start a more complex project in order to really have a chance to implement the Scrum Framework.
But I didn’t really realize at which point I was suppose to help them and support them in their work, which created a big mess in the last lesson.
Next week, I hope I will find a solution to manage the 3 teams and their respective issues!