SCRUM : A new beginning

So, after a 6 weeks (*Reminder : when I say 6 weeks, I mean 6 afternoons of 5 periods of 45 min each)learning phase, we started a new, more complex project with Scrum.The aim of this new project is to manage swiss mountain huts.

I separated the project in 2 releases :

  • Release 1 : Simple Hut Management including, hut details, contact details, comments, price per night, etc.
  • Release 2 : Energy management for huts (still just an idea to dig)

The three teams work on the exact same project, but they have some liberty in the way they implement their application. The product owners of the different teams decide what they want to have in the final product.

Some constrains  are the same for all the teams :

  • C# Windows Forms Application (this is a school decision)
  • Common Database for each group (they usually have one local db per student)
  • Git (one repository per group)
  • SCRUM (ofcourse they have to manage the project with SCRUM)
  • The test data has to be based on real data, and they can get information from this website :

So let’s get the ScrumParty started!