SCRUM : the new experience is getting better

After a few weeks of experiencing SCRUM with another class, the results are way better, especially because of the first GIT phasis where the students had time to learn what they needed to know for a basic project managed with GIT.

This being done, I spend less time resolving GIT conflict, and have a more coaching role within each Scrum team.

The first two half days were entirely dedicated to GIT. Then we started discovering the SCRUM concepts. Every student of the classroom was in charge of presenting one of the concepts (Sprint planning, User story, etc.). After they discovered the concepts, we did the Airplane game, which I improved a bit by adding a new challenge into it.

So, they had to make planes and boats, the PO had to specify which object to make during the iterations and they had to estimate how many of each to do in every sprint. It was even funnier to do it this way, and it gave to the PO a real role during the game, which was not really the case with only planes.

Now it’s been 3 weeks that we are working on a C# project. The class is divided in 3 teams, but they all work on the same project, which is something that I need for work.

Next week, the project shall be finished, we already had one sprint review, it is a small project, so 2 sprints are sufficient.

The Scrum experience is getting better, but there are still some things to improve, for instance, the project size, which should be just a little longer.

DSC_0025     DSC_0024