SCRUM : We’re getting used to it

A first sprint for the Swiss Mountain Huts has finished last week.The students prepared their sprint review, and each group made a demo in front of all the classroom. Most of the demos did not work, they called it the “demo effect”, and learned that for the next sprint review they shall test the demo on the demo computer before presenting.

After the demo, they did a retrospective. This is a ceremony which they manage quite well, they were used to do retrospectives with me last year.

And then, they planned the next sprint using the poker planning apps. They are now quite used to do the poker planning, they discuss their point of views and analyze the stories before estimating. But there is still place for improvement.

The second sprint started yesterday, and ofcourse, many issues with GIT occured again.

Even though I tried to simplify the GIT usage to the maximum, it still is complicated for beginners. Also, the fact that we work with Visual Studio does not seem to help. They mostly experience merge confilct (see figure above) with the Form Designer files. The code in these files being automatically generated by Visual Studio, it is often hard for them to solve the conflicts. So they sometimes choose to re-do a layout instead of trying to understand which part of code to take.

Introducing so many new concepts at the same time was not the best idea I had. They had to learn

  • Scrum
  • Git
  • C#

Within C# they are also trying to apply some newly learned POO concepts, so no surprise in the fact that they sometimes struggle!

Next semester I will introduce Scrum in another classroom and will try to do things a bit differently, especially for the GIT part. I think I should prepare some very small use cases where they will learn how to use GIT properly, and then start working with scrum on a project.

I also thing, after these few weeks in my SCRUM classroom, that a team of 5 is pretty big for students. It’s ok at work, but in a classroom configuration I will limit the teams to 4 in the next semester.

For now, we have 2 weeks left to finish the Mountain Hut Management, we’ll se how it will end :).

See you soon for more Scrum Adventures!